Monday, June 24, 2013

A Boarder

The birth of John the Baptist is set apart of from the birth of Jesus to mirror the solar movements. Since June 23th, the amount of daylight decreases each day until Christmas. This fits with John's saying that he must decrease so Christ can increase. The birth of Jesus becomes the victory of light over darkness when daylight begins to increase once more.

Well, I received a generous gift on this feast of the Baptist. Someone cleaning out her house decided to give my parish a Christmas tree. How wonderful! Now, I just wish I had a church to put it in. It is generous for people to give away large, bulky items to a parish that exists without a church building.


A woman banged on my office door tonight at 9:00 p.m. and shouted at me. She just arrived from the Emirates by bus (an all day tour) and she was looking for Catholic sisters so she could have a place to stay. I gave her directions, but also told her that they would not open the door at this hour of the night and I gave her several hotel recommendations that she refused. Poor woman has no money and no plans. I gave her several solutions, and she still wants me to solve her problem. I have to do my best not to make other peoples' lack of planning my problem, but my heart goes out to her all the same. I hope everything works out O.K. Her life must be real bad if she comes to town without a cent to her name.

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