Friday, June 7, 2013

A Restful Week

I feel a sense of accomplishment this week. I realize I use time well. I spent Monday working on a Children's Missal so they can follow along during Mass. I was pleased with how little time I needed to complete the work. It took me a full day, but I suspected there would be loose ends to tie after the main work was done. However, the product came out fairly well. I had 100 copies printed and to my surprise, several adults want a copy for themselves. I feel a great sense of producing something worthwhile and tangible.

It did make me realize that people really do want to hold onto something Christian in their faith. As I already have a collection of poems, I am intent on producing a book of prayers that include many decent ones from the saints and from the Ignatian and Jesuit traditions. I'm sure it will be a big hit. It will promote the Jesuits in the area because if Jesuits are going to be in a parish setting, we must be distinctively Jesuit in our spirituality or else, why are we here?

Since I had some free time, I reviewed and edited a chapter by a Jordanian friend who wants to get his Ph.D. I thought I would take some of my free time and dedicate it to this, but when I did, I felt like my free spirit had worn off. It took me over four hours to review 11 pages of text and this was the smallest of the files. I feel badly for the man because English is not his first language and I only corrected the grammar, not the content. It reveals to me how important language is and that I am insufficient in only one language.

I sat with some Italian sisters last night. I know words and phrases and I have interest in learning Italian, Spanish, German, as well as Arabic. I would feel much more competent because I only speak in sign language and gestures to most people.

I received a few emails from some Indian workers in Amman and while I admire their upper-level English words and phrases, I'm often perplexed in figuring out what they really mean to say. I can tell their education was pretty good, but I never know if we are communicating well. Yes, I do know. We are not, but we try as best we can.

I am working on compiling a small hymnal for the church. This is a big effort, but it will be worth it. I am hiring a group that will teach musical fundamentals to the parish. I'm excited about that, but also a bit wary about how it will work out. I trust the Spirit in this endeavor. I'm told people like what I am trying to do with the music, which encourages me.

This morning, I met with two couples who are planning their marriage. It is such fun to be a part of their preparation time as they dream about the rest of their lives. They are very good-souled people.

I have resumed my ministry of food once again. I bought some of those new silicone baking pans and they work quite well. I like the concept. I made gingerbread the other day and gave it to two lay Teresian associates and today I will bake a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for someone who just had a birthday and I'll make some cookies. When I bake, I eat less because I know what it tastes like so I don't need to indulge. Since I'm half-Italian, I like to see the smile on people's faces when they realize something was created in their honor.


  1. I love the idea of the children's missal! Very well done, can you scan a page or photograph the cover for us? :-) Please?

    I love the image of you baking as well, I can practically smell the goodies from here!

    1. OK. I'll do that. It has a blue cover so I'm not so sure how clearly it will come out, but you'll get the idea.

      I'll do some baking tonight because it is only about 85 degrees outside today. Not too warm.

  2. What a lovely week you have had - lots of work but you have enjoyed it and have accomplished a lot. Have a great weekend.

    1. I've done some catching up this morning too. Going through the former pastor's old files so I can find things easier.