Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sing! Sing a song

I walked from the Jesuit Center to Shmeisani today to attend our Dozan rehearsal because I needed the exercise. On the way, I was rehearsing some of the syllables for our songs. I don't call them words or phrases because they are merely syllables to me that match the notes on the musical score. I decided that as I passed by my Syrian barber I would sing "Biktob ismek ya bladi" in hopes that he would recognize it. His customer sat up straight and they both started singing along with me. We finally communicated something.

On the way back, I passed by some Christians at a package store who I've spoken with in the past. Two are from Salt, one is from Karak, the other from Amman. As we were chatting, I began singing the song again and they too joined in. One studied the notes as we sang it again. We then sang it again. So, I tried "Ya Beladi" and they joined me in that as well.

All is well when people sing together.


  1. Music soothes the soul and is also a great connection between people. This is a great story!

    1. Thanks. It was great fun. I'm more real to these people.

    2. I like your statement, "I'm more real to these people". When we share ourselves with others, that opens the door for them to see Jesus as well. The only way we can share the Gospel is by being real.

    3. Letting our true selves come out.