Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Syrian Artist's Exhibit

Instead of going to art class today, I attended an art exhibition by a female artist from Syria. It was good work and I was interested in examining her techniques so I can find out how to do what I am doing. She had a lot of paintings of young women and two with whirling dervishes. While I was standing there, I realized that if everyone spoke English, I would probably be compelled to engage in small-talk. Since I couldn't talk with anyone except the two people I knew, I felt free. Being unable to communicate made me feel very relaxed. I did not have to rise to the occasion.

With the political regional instability, it is curious to pay attention to what is going on in Turkey because it is almost the opposite of the Arab Spring. What began as an ecological demonstration has turned into a much bigger enterprise with Ataturk as the demonstrators' hero. This is a fascinating place.

Poor Jordan. Their soccer team was sounded beaten by Australia today. The absence of blaring car horns gave it away.


  1. Yes, We are supposed to be visiting Istanbul in September, so we are monitoring things closely.

  2. Isn't it interesting how free we feel when we are not compelled to communicate! I'm off to a 3-day individually directed retreat next week and I know I will really enjoy the silence - it is even a different silence from that of living alone because my mind will be directed elsewhere rather than on everyday things in my home.

    1. We speak of only what is meaningful in these times.