Sunday, June 16, 2013

Heavy on their Hearts

Each day of this weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), people have expressed matters that remain heavy on their hearts. Even walking down the street, two people pulled me aside so they could have a pastoral conversation. The stuff people keep inside is enough to anchor a ship. I feel like Jesus when he had compassion on the people and said, "they are like sheep without a shepherd." These types of burden paralyze people and as heavy as the material is, I feel grateful to hold these stories in silence.

In Jordan, things don't remain as they are for too long. Just as I was feeling the great weight of people's stories, I saw a woman covered from head to toe, just with her face showing. She was wearing a huge smile as he drove her convertible fast down the road. She was delighted in her fast car, but the irony of being all covered up in a convertible made me chuckle.


  1. It is a privilege when people trust you with their innermost burdens. God bless you.