Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Do your own work!

It is early in the week, but I find that it is laden with people asking other people to do their own work. It goes like this: "I know so-and-so and so-and-so had an email conversation. She told me that you can send the message to me." Huh? Why doesn't the first so-and-so just forward the message?

Or, "Father, visitors from the U.S. are coming to visit Jordan on this specific date. Will you go to the Baptismal site and do their child's baptism? Well, why don't they get in touch with me.

Or, "Father, so-and-so had a question about this. She didn't know who to ask?" Well, tell so-and-so, who I see every day at Mass, to direct her question to me.

Or, "Father, can you get his person fired because he is an unethical Christian."

The list goes on and on. It takes at least three people to get anything done here because the more people (aka, agents) involved the better (from their perspective.) They must cringe when they hear the familiar words ring out of my mouth, "Have them come see me." 

So much wasted energy is used in getting anything done because everyone finds a way to talk with everyone except the person who can answer their question. All I have to do is to hold steady and let them figure out that the most direct route between two points is a straight line. 

No. I will not do someone else's work for them. Do it yourself.

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