Tuesday, September 10, 2013

For the Sake of Good Health

I was waiting for a Skype call tonight and when it did not come on time, I left the Jesuit Center for an important errand. I have received word that many parishioners have been laid low by the flu. It makes sense because children are back in school and the full work force has returned, but I am particularly susceptible as my immune system is strengthening and I am shaking at least 1,000 hands each weekend. Besides that, lots of people lick or bite my fingers as I give them communion.

So my errand was to find cotton gloves to wear. I gave up on finding men’s gloves that will do, but I have noticed that many covered Muslim women, especially the ninja, will wear gloves.

I walked up to Jebel Hussein and went into this one mall. It was the first time I was there. I was kind of shocked when I began looking around because many of the stores were like a risqué version of Victoria’s secret. I found it ironic that entirely covered women were behind the counters; not only that, many covered women were shopping in the stores. It makes me wonder about appearances and practices.

I brought a glove that I bought a week ago in one of the downtown stores. I was told that these gloves do not exist in Jordan, but I see the covered women wearing them all the time. I overpaid for them, but I needed to carry them with me to show people what I am looking for.

I counted that I asked 44 times if a store carried the gloves. Only six stores said “yes” but they were the same size as the tiny glove that I had. They were happy because they said it was a “free” glove until I tried walking out of the store with it. Then I told them they meant “one size fits all” and they were happy. Sadly, I could not buy any of them because my hands can’t fit into them.

I went to a respectable shop that was recommended by a few women. They had lots of accessories so I thought I would find something there. Nothing.

I walked into the lingerie conglomeration of stores and I went into this one risqué place and asked them. They had lycra gloves that expand to find any hand, and they were long and filled with sequins and other designs. I just could not bring myself to buy a pair. I would have been laughed out of church.

I was also cognizant that Jordan was playing Uzbekistan in soccer for a World Cup qualifier. Not a single person could pronounce Uzbekistan, but all the televisions were on and everyone sat with their backs to the TV sets.

Jordan won 4-3 and the city broke out in shouts and horn blasts. People walked back and forth and cars stopped in the middle of the road. Loud shouts were all around and I decided that I had to get under cover because it did not take long before the gun were fired into the air. The problem is the bullets have to land so I found cover right away. I was surprised that the police did not migrate to the sound of the shots. It will be a long night because this is the first time that Jordan has ever qualified.

I gave up in search for the gloves and headed home. I realized that I will be done in by the germs this year. I was almost home. This one man smiled at me so I thought I would be thoughtful and ask him if he had any gloves. He said, “yes,” and he showed me white, taupe, and black and in two different size. I bought three. The ironic thing is that it is the nearest women’s clothing store to the Jesuit apartment.

Go figure.


  1. But if you had purchased the gloves when you first went out, you wouldn't have experienced the other interesting mall. :) I hope you are successful in avoiding the flu. Blessings.

    1. Aside from the gunshots, I wouldn't have wanted to miss that adventure for the world.