Sunday, September 1, 2013

God's Rewards

I feel richly rewarded by God this week and today in particular. I have just run into the nicest people - even while driving. I am accepting the graces I am receiving. Walking to and home from Mass this evening, people on the street has the warmest smiles. And elderly man using a cane saw me walking towards him and he was smiling as if I was his long lost son.

I wave each Sunday evening to an Indian domestic worker who sits on the veranda with her employers. She is always so eager. I think she would like to go to church but may not be permitted.

I feel like I know a lot more about my parishioner's lives and they are able to reveal just a little more each time I see them. People seem very relaxed for evening Mass. New parishioners are calling just to introduce themselves and to get connected with the parish.

My barber invited me in to talk with his customers while he gave me a plate that he is returning. He was grateful because I offered him a plate of food. He was looking for me all week to return the plate. He just seemed gracious. The dry cleaner greeted me with a firm handshake, the package store owner wanted to sing with me, and the nut and fruit shop vendor was glad I stopped in to make a small purchase.

Cars slowed down as I crossed the street and I've even noticed that they are driving more slowly on side streets.

I received the nicest call today and I was blown away by the man and his company's goodness. The Friends of Jordan are sponsoring a terrific Amman Citadel Festival and it is elegant, professionally run series. I enjoyed their attention to elegant detail so I wrote them a letter to say "thank you" and to give them my positive impressions. I was stunned when they offered me a free ticket of my choosing to "The Sound of Music," which will play on September 12-14. They were so kind. I'll stop by their offices just to say hello and to let them know that their goodness and vision means a lot to people.

So, the weekend is coming to an end. I'm glad the football season has returned. Everybody is talking about the imminent of return of cold weather (in two months) while it is still 90 degrees outside. Since it is Labor Day weekend, which has no significance here, I made some potato pancakes, egg and chicken salad, and cheesecake brownies. There's was nothing planned to the menu except to answer the question, "What do we do with leftovers?" It just felt like Americana cooking.


  1. It's wonderful to hear these snippets and nuggets of grace and goodness that came your way!!

    1. I just had a long conversation with a man who knows I can't speak Arabic. He went on and on, but I know what he was saying. I'll see him tomorrow to give him an important phone number. It is odd how we can communicate more effectively without words by being patient.

  2. The grace that you have consistently shown to the people is being returned to you as they discern that you sincerely care about their well-being. God bless.

    1. It is great fun to communicate with them. Their dour expressions soon become smiles.