Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quiet Nights

I heard a rumour and I will find out if it is true tonight. The Abdali Souk is closing. This is sad news for many merchants and it is sad for me because it was always an interesting stroll for me, but it is also great news because it means nights without hollering and banging as people set up the scaffolding for the event. It should give many more quiets nights.

That quiet might be interrupted by new construction. I knew it would not take long for it to happen because it is prime real estate. With the New Abdali project steaming ahead, the vacant piece of property would be snagged easily for a new hotel or residences. That means it will be noisy for a decade. Buildings take a long time to be constructed here and then they sit vacant.

I have been waiting for my next art class, but I haven't heard back from my instructor. I want to begin the next painting, and I haven't been able to get ahold of him. I drove there today (round trip - one hour in this awful traffic.) When I came home, I saw two bad accidents. No one was critically hurt, but four cars were totalled.

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