Friday, August 2, 2013

A warmed over heart

Yesterday, the results of the school exams were released and parties galore were held all over Jordan. It made for lots of fast cars piled with scores of graduating seniors who were going to college or had a vocational track selected for them. Everyone was very happy.

Tonight as I walked my four-mile route, my heart was repeatedly warmed by the responses I received from many who were breaking the fast at Iftar. As I passed through the souk, many strangers who sat on the ground or gathered together at tables called me over to them to break bread and fast. I politely acknowledged them and exchanged smiles, but I was honored that they would share what little they had with a complete stranger. As I continued walking, many more offers of food came. Friendly faces simply wanted the stranger with no food to have something to eat. My heart fluttered as I experienced their generosity.

As I was nearing my end-point, I saw a security guard who is affable sitting on the curbside in the dark eating alone. He invited me to join him, but I exchanged a few words, shook his hands, looked into his eyes, and continued on my way. I thought that I would have nothing to say to him if I sat with him and as I walked away, I knew I should have sat down with him while he ate. I won't be so reticent next time. I like that I'm starting to know the neighbors.

My one caveat is that I shouldn't walk in clerics. Black clothes during a black night sky. Not that it would make one iota of difference if I wore bright reflectors, but I best not take any chances.


  1. What a lovely walk you had - it is wonderful when you begin to feel part of the community!

    1. It did my heart good to take that walk. It was the eyes of the men who invited me to eat with them that was so stunning.