Friday, August 2, 2013

Post-Jet Lag

I am finally over jet lag and the demands of the job are back at its usual height. That is O.K. Though I am displaced from my usual surroundings, I am happy that the exterior walls of the Jesuit Center are being sand blasted. The building does look much better. In the meantime, I, and everything around me, am covered with sand. I do like the concept of taking care of your own property and making it look respectable.

Yesterday was a hot day and during the noon-day period all the poor disabled people were out in the traffic begging for money. I had not seen all those people beggin at the same time. They looked weary as they dragged themselves from car to car. If they are Muslims, they are probably not eating or drinking.

I wanted to buy all of the fluorescent chicks so I could bathe them. Never before have I seen such colors on live animals, but they are painted fluorescent orange, pink, purple, and green. They look like clown wigs. What an odd thing to do.

The other night, for St. Ignatius Day, the Jesuit Center staff took the Jesuits out for an Iftar to celebrate the feast. We ate at Fahroud's in Marj El-Hamman. We ate and ate with restraint. 

I walked through the Abdali souk and saw some interesting shirts on sale. Everything is on sale, actually. It was like walking through a Marshall's store: Brooks Brothers, Arrow, Jasper, all the brands you find at an irregular store. I might chance upon something good once in a while. Of course, I met parishioners there.

I saw this big round beetle on the sidewalk. It startled me because Jordan seems mostly bug-free. I took a picture on my camera.

My good news for the day was attending art class. The instructor said all the students liked my first painting. They were complimentary. I am about 60 percent through my second painting and the instructor likes that one was well. These are training paintings and I am learning techniques and I'm having a blast - and it is good to get encouragement.

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