Saturday, August 3, 2013

Glad and relaxed

I was very happy at Mass today. I've been praying for some people with illnesses or lingering conditions and for this one couple from western Colorado. The woman has been battling a kidney disease for ten years and she is finally cured. I was very happy to remember them to the Lord.

Mass is coming along nicely. We are finally getting close to singing one Mass setting in its entirety. It makes the Mass much more singable and it is adding some good energy to it. We were almost there today. I could feel the energy building and parishioners were saying so as well. It would have been the frosting on the cupcake if we have an electrical power chord into which we could plug the electric piano. It will make a nice difference when we can add many dimensions to Mass, but it sure is making it feel like a dialogue. I had so many lovely conversations after Mass.

I did something enjoyable afterwards. I was invited to be with the confirmation class as the teacher was handing out booklets of their year together. Dinner was relaxed and casual. I missed confirmation because of illness and I was unable to attend the other gatherings so it was indeed a blessing to attend this event. Sure, I love saying Mass, but it is so much nicer to meet the parishioners and find out a bit about their lives. It is much more interesting when we know their stories. I had a nice day and it was a very pleasant way to cap my day.


  1. Jesus loved to be with the people as well. I can say with conviction that the confirmation class enjoyed having you there too.

    1. It was a great time. I keep getting in touch with people's goodness as I settle more deeply in the role.