Saturday, August 24, 2013

Extreme Sports

If I were a developer, I would publicize the Ma'in Hot Springs as a venue for extreme sports. It neighbors Mkawer, where John the Baptist was Beheaded.

It is a perfect place to begin hang-gliding tours right down to the Dead Sea. Probably because of the political climate and the saline condition of the waters, there are no pleasure boats in the Dead Sea. I would imagine two nations at peace with one another could charters tours that would hug the Jordanian coasts.

Mountain biking would be awesome in the area, just as it is in Utah, with stops at the Mujib Reserve or the Hot Springs. It could be a recreational haven for tourists. New Zealand has done a lot to promote extreme sports and recreational parks.

I'm pleased to know that there is a hiking club in Jordan. The challenge for me is that they hike on Fridays, which is my day of work.

I still long for the day when an empty lot is cleaned up and smoothed over so children can play soccer or that basketball courts are set up. It will help the people understand something about time and space.

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