Sunday, August 4, 2013

Quite a day

A somewhat late rise to the day started it off right. I was so tired from yesterday that I had problems falling asleep, but I was able to get some housekeeping done before I went to the Jesuit Center. Morning Mass was fun and I like how the choir is getting very excited about how Mass is being put together very well. I had a quick lunch with the choir and they were very excited about their contributions to the music. Even those who were skeptical at first have come along nicely.

After attending a meeting, I decided to go to art class as a way to do something different on a Sunday. I enjoyed working on my second pear. The students were very excited to see what I was doing. It is not all that good, but we are taking interest in each other's work. I love that children are getting good lessons on drawing and painting. I would have liked to stay longer, but I had another Mass to celebrate. The Sunday evening Mass is generally leisurely and I am getting to know the neighbors well.

I was all prepared to go out for a walk and I kept getting drawn into my work, but I pulled myself away since Iftar was soon to be called. I'm very glad I did.

The Abdali souk is still going on so I strolled through there again, but this time some men were insistent that I have something to eat with them. I did. It was like Mansaf, but with chicken instead of lamb. I stayed for about 20 minutes. We tried hard to communicate and it was difficult, but we managed. We enjoyed the time together and it was so good for me to see hard-working people doing their best to maintain their faith and keep steady employment. They are good people. I've got to learn some verbs and connecting words. I was grateful that they shared their meal.

A couple other groups offered me  a meal, but I just sat with another group for about ten minutes. They had finished, I had just eaten, and I was only able to take a few nibbles. I tried to tell them I was walking for exercise.

As I arrived at the crest of a hill, I saw a car that was having some engine problems. The man was persistent in getting it to run - shaking it every which way. I believe he had the engine flooded. I pushed and pushed to help him jump start the car, but it wouldn't work. We even tried it in reverse, but no luck.

After a while, my phone rang and someone wanted to talk about marriage preparations, so I eventually left the man in the car because somehow he was going to get it to work. I had a lengthy conversation in broken English and broken Arabic. Who knows if anything was solved, but I think I have an appointment set up for later this week.

I was now in the homestretch and ready to kick my feet up, but for the third day I noticed a man standing outside of a hotel that has furnished apartments. I thought he might be the owner because he was well-dressed and well-groomed. I started chatting with him and he told me an incredible tale of a family moving into his house that he put under the care of an uncle. He came to evict them because he wants to live in his house, but the custodian never told him that he sublet the apartment and increased the rent without his notice. Poor guy. He is a very likable guy who grew up in the area. He talked for close to half an hour because he had such a great history of the area.

For some reason, I feel really good about this Sunday. It is now 9:30 p.m. and I'm going to walk to the apartment where I can shower, change my clothes, and retire. God was customarily good today.


  1. Life is all about the people and the Lord. I really like the way you worded your last sentence: "God was customarily good today." That is brilliant!